pin properties

The pins of a schematic symbol are one of the most important parts of a component, allowing wire connections to be made to make up an entire circuit.

Top Toolbar - Place - Pin or use shortcut “Ait + P


Pin orientation

Before placing on the canvas, you can press the space bar to select to the desired direction. The circled end of the pin is where a wire connection can be made, so this point should normally be placed outwards.


correct format


pin properties

When you select a pin, you can view and modify its properties in the properties panel on the right.


  • Name: The name of the pin, as shown in the above figure, the name of the selected pin is “VCC”.

  • ID: The ID of the pin is fixed by the system and cannot be changed.

  • Type: selectable input, output and bidirectional.

  • Pin Number: The pin number selected as above is “8”. The number corresponds to the pad number of the footprint corresponding to the component, and the numbers of the two need to be consistent. You can also use numbers with letters, such as A1, B1, C1, A2, B2, etc.

  • Pin Direction: Only supports up, down, left, and right directions, other directions are not supported for the time being.

  • NON-PIN: Whether it is a pin selection.

  • Length: Pin length.

  • Pin Color: You can modify the color of the pins.

  • Added attributes: EasyEDA Pro can customize the added attributes.