Order Parts

  1. Design the schematic diagram and PCB in EasyEDA Pro.

  2. Open the schematic diagram, click “Top Menu - Export - Bill of Material (BOM)“ or “Top Menu - File - Bill of Material (BOM)“ to export the BOM table.

  3. Click on the top menu bar - Export - Order Parts or the far right side of the top toolbar Order Parts to open LCSC Mall, upload the exported BOM to purchase components.

Note: If you need to patch in JLCPCB, the SMD components need to be purchased when JLCPCB SMT order is placed. The purchase of components in LCSC Mall and JLCPCB is independent, including inventory and price.

PCB order

  1. Open the PCB, click the “Top Menu - Export - Generate PCB Fabrication File“ menu to generate Gerber.

  2. Click Top Menu - Export - PCB Order, open the Jiali Chuang order interface, upload and export to generate the manufacturing file Gerber.

  3. Go to JLCPCB, you can log in directly with the EasyEDA Pro account, no need to register again.