Device List In the bottom panel of the editor, the shortcut key F or shift+F opens the display device library. In the device list, system devices, personal created devices, team created devices and favorite devices will be displayed in the list.

图 44

Preview Area

On the right side of the device list is the preview area of ​​the device. Click the button above to display or hide the corresponding preview image.

  • S: Symbol, symbol map
  • F: Footprint, footprint
  • P: Product, product image, uploaded image
  • 3D: 3D Model, 3D model drawing

图 43

List Header

The device library list can be customized by the user. Put the mouse on the header right-click mouse select custom header,

图 45

On the left are properties that have not been added to the header, and on the right are properties that have been added to the list header. The set custom header parameters will be saved to personal preferences.

图 46


  • The corresponding column name will only appear when the current list has the corresponding parameter name. For example, the resistance value column, if the device in the current list does not have this resistance value attribute, the resistance value column will not be displayed in the list.

Parameter Filter Sorting

When in the device library of the system, click on the specific first-level or second-level category to make parameter options.

Notes: The filter sorting function can only be used by selecting devices in the primary or secondary category.

图 47

Click the “Filter“ button at the top to select the parameter name to be filtered, and click the parameter value input box to filter the specific value, which is basically similar to the selection directly in the Create Mall.

图 48

Click the sort icon in the header to sort: default, ascending, descending, it only sorting current page.

图 49