The group is to compose multiple components into a module, and the devices in the module can be dragged together.

group selected

  • Select the devices that need to be combined (must be two or more) - Top Menu - Layout - Group - Group selected
    图 18

  • Select the device to be combined - Right mouse button - Combine - Combine selected

  • Select the device to be combined - Shortcut Ctrl + G

Name the group and click OK to combine the two devices into one module. The combined module can be viewed in the left middle panel.

图 19


Cancel the selected group module

  • Select Grouped Modules - Top Menu - Layout - Group - Ungroup
    图 20

  • select combined modules - right mouse button - ungroup

  • Select combined modules - Shortcut shift + G

Ungroup All

Cancel all combined modules

  • Top Menu - Group - Ungroup all

Join the group

Devices that are not in the group are added to the group.

  • Select device - Right mouse button - Add group, select the group module to be added.