Generally irregular pads are called special-shaped pads, typically gold fingers, large device pads or copper foils of special shapes that need to be added to the board.

Place Shaped Pad Steps:

  • Top Menu - Place - Shaped Pad or select Shaped Pad in the top shortcut bar

图 1

When the cursor turns into a cross state, you can start to draw the special-shaped pad likes draw a polygon fill region. You can change routing corner at Route menu or hotkey L

图 2

After drawing the special-shaped pad, the attribute shape pop-up window will pop up, and set the attribute shape of the special-shaped pad.

图 3

  • Layer: Shaped pads can be set as top and bottom layers or multiple layers.

  • Number: The number of the special-shaped pad, which cannot be repeated.

  • ID: System default and cannot be modified.

  • Shape: The default special-shaped pad, which cannot be modified.

  • CenterX: The X-axis position where the pad is drawn.

  • Center Y: The Y-axis position where the pad is drawn.

  • Angle: The angle setting of the special-shaped pad, the default is 0.

  • Lock: Lock the special-shaped pad and cannot move it.

  • Solder Mask Extension: Follow the system rules by default.

  • Paste Mask Extension: Follow system rules by default.

Click the created special-shaped pad to modify the attribute shape in the left panel.

图 4