Suture Via technology can connect larger copper foils in different layers together, making vertical connections in the board structure while maintaining low impedance and short return paths. In RF design, suture holes are used with grommets to create a via wall to create an electromagnetically shielded PCB. Stitching holes can also be used to connect copper foils that are separate from the net to connect it to the net.

Place method:

  • Top Menu - Place - Suture Via

图 96

Set the properties of the seam hole, click OK, and then draw a rectangle in the PCB to place the seam hole according to the drawn rectangle.

图 97

  • Network: Set the network for the suture vias.
  • Outer Diameter: The outer diameter of the suture via.
  • Inner Diameter: The inner diameter of the suture via.
  • Line Spacing: Set the line spacing of the suture via.
  • Column Spacing: Set the column spacing for suture via.

If you select a copper region, you can add the suture via for it

图 98