Equal-length adjustment, also known as equal-length tunning and delay line, is a special form of routing in PCB design. Relative delay between group signals to avoid timing problems.


  • Top Menu - Routing - Equal Length Tunning

图 0

equal length tunning settings

After activating the equal length tunning, click TAB to bring up the equal length tunning property box

图 1


  • Line 45°: Set the corner of the equal-length tunning to an angle of 45°


  • Lines 90 degrees:

Set the corners of the equal-length tunnings to an angle of 90°


  • Arc 90 degrees: The most commonly used equal length tunning setting, this angle setting is also called snake equal length.


routing constraints

Routing method: When the unilateral routing is of equal length, it will only be equal in one direction. Bilateral means that both sides of the line can be adjusted to the same length.

Introduction (W): equal length tunning of the direct width setting of the trace.

Minimum Amplitude (H): The amplitude setting of the equal-length trace, which can also be said to be the height setting.