Import EasyEDA Pro

1) When the project is not opened in the professional version, on the EasyEDA Pro start page - import EasyEDA Pro (standard version), select the ZIP archive to import.

Figure 3

2), File - Import - EasyEDA Pro (Standard Edition)

Choose File - Import - EasyEDA Pro (Standard Edition)


Select the operation type of the file and click Import to complete the import of the standard version


If it is a library file, export the EasyEDA Pro format in EasyEDA Pro Standard Edition first, and then import it. When importing the schematic library, you can choose whether to generate devices or symbols when importing, or generate them at the same time.

When the project has been opened in the professional version, you can choose to import a single JSON file of the EasyEDA Pro standard version, which will be inserted into the currently opened project after importing.


  1. Because the fonts used are different, the text fonts of the PCB may be slightly different after the standard version is imported, and the position will also be slightly offset.
  2. Because of the difference in the copper laying logic, the copper laying filling of the PCB will also be slightly different.