If you want to keep the entire copper area for grounding or power, you can use the “Copper” function.

After clicking, you can draw the copper area around the area you want to copper. You can draw directly outside the board border, and you don’t need to follow the board border. EasyEDA Pro will automatically cut the excess copper foil.

The top and bottom layers need to be drawn separately. A board can draw multiple copper areas and set them separately.

  • Top Menu - Place - Copper Region - Rectangle (choose according to personal needs)

图 60

Draw rectangular copper skin,

图 61

After drawing, the Properties window will pop up.

图 62

  • Type: Outlie object defaults to copper region type;

  • Name: Different names can be set for the copper region.

  • Layer: The layer of the copper area can be modified: top layer. bottom layer. inner layer 1. inner layer 2. inner layer 3. inner layer 4. When the type of the inner layer is the inner electric layer, the copper layer cannot be drawn;

  • Net: Set the network the copper foil is connected to. When the network is the same as the element network on the canvas, the copper can be connected to the element and it will be displayed, otherwise the copper will be considered as an island and be removed.

  • Locked: Only lock the position of the copper. After locking, the size and position of copper laying cannot be modified through the canvas;

  • Fill Style: Full Fill: Normal copper fill style; 45 degree net: The area is filled with a 45 degree grid fill. 90 degree net: The copper fill in this area is a 90 degree net type.

图 63

  • Keep islands: yes or no. That is, whether to remove dead copper. If there is no network set for copper region, then the entire copper region will be regarded as dead copper and removed. If you want to keep the copper region, you can choose to keep the island or set up an existing network on the PCB for the copper region, and rebuild the copper region;

  • Optimization: Appears only when the fill style is full fill, and the mesh copper region enables manufacturing optimization by default. The default is yes, the sharp corners and thin copper wires less than 8mil will be removed, which is convenient for production; set to otherwise, the sharp corners and thin copper wires will be displayed;

图 64