Generate a 2D preview of the designed board


  • Top Menu - View - 2D Preview

  • Top Toolbar - Click on 2D Preview



Turn on the 2D previewed PCB, the 2D previewed PCB is similar to the produced PCBA.


In the right panel of the 2D interface, you can modify the color of the current board to simulate the generated PCBA.

Background Color: The background color setting of the 2D mode interface

Board Color: Color setting of PCB board

PAD PAINT: Preview of PCB pad painting

Silkscreen: Can be changed to show or hide

Note: The preview of this 2D function is a preview of the simulation image of the generated file and cannot be used as a real object. Please see the specific results according to the generated results.


Flip the board

Flip the pcb board under the 2D preview of the board

Top Menu - View - Flip Board or Shortcut Shift + F