Generate a 2D preview of the designed board


  • Top Menu - View - 2D Preview

图 4

  • Top Toolbar - Click on 2D Preview

图 5

Turn on the 2D previewed PCB, the 2D previewed PCB is similar to the produced PCBA.

图 7

In the right panel of the 2D interface, you can modify the color of the current board to simulate the generated PCBA.

Board Side: Preview top side or bottom side

Background Color: The background color setting of the 2D mode interface

Board Color: Color setting of PCB board

Pad Plateing Color: Preview of PCB pad painting

Silkscreen: Can be changed to show or hide

Note: The preview of this 2D function is a preview of the simulation image of the generated file and cannot be used as a real object. Please see the specific results according to the generated results.

Flip the board

Flip the pcb board under the 2D preview of the board

Top Menu - View - Flip Board or Shortcut Shift + F

图 8

Export Image:

You can export the 2D preview as an image

图 9