Find components, properties, names, etc. in the PCB interface. The search format can use wildcards and expressions to search.

  • Use wildcards. When checked, all text input boxes support wildcards *?. For example, to search for tags: BAT? or BAT*, you can search for all tags starting with BTA. * can be used in place of zero, one or more characters, while ? can only be used in place of one character.
  • Case sensitive. Search by case. For example query: max232 and MAX232 are two different search terms.
  • Use expressions. Supports inputting regular expressions in the text input box for character matching. For example, search: /u/, you can find all attributes with u.
    Please check the usage of specific regular expressions:

How ​​to find:

  • Top Menu - Edit - Find or Shortcut Ctrl + F


Enter the object to be filtered and searched in the pop-up window


You can choose the input format, if you don’t select it, it will default to all.


Filter out the objects you want to find


Choose exact search or fuzzy search


Enter what you want to find in the input box and click Find All


The result of the search will be displayed in the bottom panel, and the content in the PCB will be highlighted,