Find components, properties, names, etc. in the PCB interface. The search format can use wildcards and expressions to search.

  • Use wildcards. When checked, all text input boxes support wildcards *?. For example, to search for tags: BAT? or BAT*, you can search for all tags starting with BTA. * can be used in place of zero, one or more characters, while ? can only be used in place of one character.
  • Case sensitive. Search by case. For example query: max232 and MAX232 are two different search terms.
  • Use expressions. Supports inputting regular expressions in the text input box for character matching. For example, search: /u/, you can find all attributes with u.
    Please check the usage of specific regular expressions:

How ​​to find:

  • Top Menu - Edit - Find or Shortcut Ctrl + F

图 181

  1. Select the object type you want to find
    图 182

  2. Set the property value
    图 183

  3. Click the Find All button, you will get all results at bottom Find Result tab
    图 184

you can click the list to locate the object.