The created project and drawing page can be viewed in the left panel - drawing page, double-click to open the created file and edit it.

Figure 2

Select the file, click the right mouse button, and edit the created project or drawing page.

Right click on the project name:

Figure 3

Schematic right click:

Figure 4

Right click on the page:

Figure 5

Menu Description:

  • Set as new board: Set the current schematic to the new board.
  • Disconnect from the board: Take the schematic out of the board and become a free schematic.
  • Generate/Update Block Symbols: Generate multiplexed block symbols based on the current schematic, or update block symbols. When generating block symbols, the current schematic diagram will become a hierarchical diagram template, which can be reused multiple times.
  • Copy/Paste: Supports copying and pasting of schematics. You can also copy and paste documents across projects. The project needs to be opened in the same browser window.
  • Rename: Modify the file name.
  • Clear Tag: Clear the tag of the current schematic.
  • Attributes: Display the corresponding attributes according to the right attribute panel such as the clicked page.