EasyEDA Pro provides many shortcut keys for users to use, and each shortcut key can be configured.

Enter the shortcut key configuration options:

Top Menu Bar - Settings - Shortcuts


Modify shortcut keys

Double-click the shortcut key editor, then enter the corresponding modified shortcut key, and click OK to modify.


Common shortcut keys

The same shortcut keys can be used in different documents. The default shortcut keys are listed below.

Function Shortcuts
Cancel the drawing state (default) / close the popup window Right mouse button (click), ESC
Open project Ctrl+O
New Project Shift+N
Save Ctrl+Shift+S
Save all Ctrl+S
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Cross selection Shift+X
Layout Transfer Ctrl+Shift+X
Move according to the center M
Delete selected Delete
Previous Page Up
Next/New Page Page Down
Previous widget Page Up
Next widget/New widget Page Down
Full Screen F11
Select All Ctrl+A
Find Replace Ctrl+F
Zoom in A
Zoom out Z
Fit All K
View scroll left Left
View scroll right Right
View scroll up Up
View scroll down Down
Highlight Network H
Cancel highlight network SHIFT+H
Unit Q
Expand/Collapse Bottom Panel: Library, DRC, Find Structure, Log S
Rotate Left Space
Align Left Ctrl+Shift+L
Center Left and Right Shift+Alt+E
Align right Ctrl+Shift+R
Top Align Ctrl+Shift+O
Center up and down Shift+Alt+H
Align Bottom Ctrl+Shift+B
Snap to Grid Ctrl+Shift+G
Horizontal equidistant distribution Ctrl+Shift+H
Vertical equidistant distribution Ctrl+Shift+E
Move the selected graph to the left Left
Move the selected graph to the right Right
Move selected graph up Up
Move the selected graph down Down
Show properties dialog when placing element Tab
Switch the selection range when an object is selected Tab
When drawing a rectangle, keep it as a square; when drawing a wire, the mouse moves horizontally or vertically Shift (long press)
Move the canvas (default) Right mouse button (long press)
Repeat to cursor Ctrl+D
Repeat to other layers Ctrl+Shift+D
Combined selection Ctrl+G
Ungroup Shift+G

Schematic/symbol shortcuts

Function Shortcuts
Draw Wire W
draw bus B
draw pins P
Draw Arc Alt+A
draw rectangle R
Draw a circle Alt+C
Draw Polyline Alt+L
draw text T
Place Network Labels N
Place Device Dialog Shift+F
Display the Pin Properties dialog when placing a pin element Tab
Show Net Label Information dialog when placing net labels Tab
Display the Network Port Name Information dialog when placing a network port Tab

##PCB/footprint shortcuts

Function Shortcuts
Wiring W
Switch common line weights while routing Shift+W
Toggle common vias when routing/placing vias Shift+V
Increase the gap during isometric adjustment Num+
Reduce the gap during isometric adjustment Num-
Highlight Network H
Hide selected flylines Ctrl+R
Show selected flying leads Shift+R
Unhighlight all Shift+H
Toggle layer brightness Shift+S
Flip the board F
Place Vias V
Place a single pad/test point P
Combined selection Ctrl+G
Ungroup Shift+G
Flip left and right X
Upside down Y
Single Wiring W
Routing Corner L
Distance ALT+M
Command C
switch to top level T
switch to bottom layer B
switch to inner layer 1 1
switch to inner layer 2 2
switch to inner layer 3 3
switch to inner layer 4 4
Switch to next copper layer Num*
Switch to previous copper layer Shift+Num*
Hide/Show copper area Shift+M
Rebuild all coppers Shift+B
Done Enter
Cancel Esc
Back Backspace
Select overlapping entities G
Flip path while drawing Space
Show all layers Ctrl+L