When drawing complex schematics, you need to use multiplexed blocks. The design of multiplexed blocks is the same as that of hierarchical schematic diagrams. For details, see Create Reuse Blocks chapter.

The reuse block is divided into two main schematic diagrams and sub-schematic diagrams. The main schematic diagram is used to draw block symbols and type flow charts, while the sub-schematic diagram is used to draw a module schematic diagram. The overall concept is that the main circuit diagram is equivalent to the entire circuit diagram. The block diagram in the machine circuit diagram, a block diagram is equivalent to a module, no device can be placed in the main circuit diagram, only pins can be placed to connect to the subcircuit.

Generally, the sub-circuit diagrams are some specific circuit schematic diagrams. The connection between the sub-circuit diagram and the main circuit diagram is realized through the ports in the block diagram.

The design idea of ​​reuse block is usually a top-down design method. The idea is: first design the symbol of the multiplexed block, and then follow the symbol to generate a sub-circuit diagram. The bottom-up design is to first design the circuit and plan the port in the sub-schematic diagram, and then generate a main diagram to reuse the block symbol.