The personal settings of EasyEDA Pro are synchronized to the server, no matter which browser you log in to, it can be automatically synchronized, reducing multiple configuration operations.

图 18


Canvas zoom: Default mouse wheel zoom, you can modify Ctrl + wheel zoom according to personal preference. During the drawing process, long press the right mouse button to move the canvas, and by default, click the right mouse button to cancel the drawing.

Show symbol/footprint update dialog and prompt: After checking this box, a prompt box will pop up every time a symbol or footprint is updated.

图 19


Add and remove settings for device, symbol, footprint etc. Category options.

图 20


Some personal manipulation settings for the schematic and symbol interface.

图 21


Set the schematic sheet color theme.

图 3

Support click to modify parameters such as color/stroke color, fill color, font, and line type.


Settings for the PCB and footprint drawing interface.


Drawing interface color settings for PCB and footprint interface.

Common grid sizes

Set common sizes for PCB and footprint interface grids for easy change.

Common line width

Sets the line width settings for PCB traces.

Common via size

Sets common via settings for PCB traces.

图 23


It supports a variety of adsorption settings, which can be very convenient for various adsorption.

图 24


Supports defining panel document related settings.


The theme to apply when the panel document is created.

Common fonts

Support to set your own common fonts. These fonts need to be installed on the local computer before they can be called by the editor, otherwise the editor will automatically use the default font provided by the browser for rendering.

Add custom fonts:
1) First install the fonts you need on your local computer. If you already have fonts, you can ignore this step.

2) Take the Windows system as an example, find the font settings in the system settings, and get the font name.

3) Add a font based on the font name.
图 25

4) This font can be seen in the schematic or PCB text font switching, and the font switching can be performed at this time.

This added font can be used by schematics, panels, PCBs, etc. When the text switches fonts, you can see the new font.

1, the editor uses the operating system native fonts, if you need to use these fonts for commercial purposes, please make sure that you have the corresponding font use copyright. It is recommended to use free open source fonts.
2, because the editor is running in the browser (including the client), when the operating system does not install the corresponding name of the font, the browser will automatically assign the default font of the current browser to display, at this time there may be the text font name is correct, but the text style is not correct.


Set the basic information of the default drawing when creating a new project.

图 26


Add or delete custom properties for devices, footprints, and symbols.

图 27


View and modify custom shortcut keys and commands.

图 28

Top Toolbar

Adds and removes settings for quick Place on the top toolbar.

图 29


You can set the automatic saving of documents, the time and quantity of saving, and the automatic backup parameter settings of the project.

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