EasyEDA Professional Edition provides a cache recovery function, which can easily perform project recovery in case of accidental deletion or editor crash.

Entry: Top Menu - File - Cache Recovery.

Figure 208

Cache recovery can be turned on under the File menu after each document is opened.

Figure 209

After selecting Restore, the project logic will be imported, and you can select New Project to save.

Figure 210

You can also export the history to the local, which will be exported as a project archive. If retention is not required, history can be removed.


  • Projects with editing rights will enter the cache recovery after opening, and there is no limit to the number; the history record of each project will only record the latest 50 times, and the excess will automatically remove the old records.
  • Cache recovery is to cache the current project status to the local cache every 5 minutes. If the local cache data is cleared, the cache recovery will also be cleared.