EasyEDA Pro supports importing Protel.

Entry: Start Page - Import Others, select Import Protel.
图 51

Currently, only Protel 99 SE files in ASCII format can be imported. Please use Protel to export to ASCII format before importing.


  1. Protel 99SE open the project, open the schematic diagram or PCB

  2. In the top file menu, save a copy as an ASCII file
    Figure 1

  3. Find the file you just saved as in the list on the left, right-click and export to a local folder
    Figure 2

  4. After finding the exported file, compress the schematic and PCB into a zip file, and then import it into EasyEDA Pro.

If it is a Protel file of an earlier version, it may not be imported normally. It is recommended to re-export it in Protel 99 SE first.


  1. Please compress the schematic diagram and PCB into ZIP and import them together, otherwise there will be no footprint association when importing the schematic diagram alone.
  2. There are slight differences in text and other graphic elements, please check carefully.
  3. After PCB is imported, it will automatically rebuild and copper area. The result of copper area will be different, please check carefully.