Export method:

  • Entry: Top Menu - File - Export - PCB Fabrication File (Gerber)

  • or: Top Menu - Export - PCB Fabrication File (Gerber)

After clicking, the system will detect whether there are flying wires in the PCB. If so, the following pop-up window will pop up.


Click “Yes” to check the flying leads. It will automatically locate the first flying line, and switch to the flying line tree on the left panel to help you check. If you click “No” to continue exporting, the gerber file will be exported directly ignoring the existing flying lines.

If you don’t want to automatically detect flying leads every time you export gerber, you can turn off this configuration in system settings.


Export the Gerber popup:


File name: Support to modify the file name and then export.

Unit: The unit of the exported Gerber file and drilling file, the default is mm.

Format: The numerical format of the exported drilling file, the number of integer digits and decimal digits, affects the expression of numerical precision. This setting may affect the alignment of the drill file viewed by the Gerber Viewer. If the Gerber viewer previews the Gerber and drilling files and finds that the drilling files are inaccurate, you can reset the numerical format of the drilling files in the Gerber viewing tool to 3:3, or other formats.


  • One-click export: According to the default settings, all layers and primitives are exported, excluding the drilling table and independent drilling information files.
  • Custom configuration: Modify the configuration according to your own needs. Support drilling information and drilling table; support adding different configurations on the left list; support selecting exported layers; layer mirroring; support selecting exported primitives. When exporting, select a configuration for Gerber export. Up to 20 configurations can be created, double-click to modify the configuration name.

Export/Import Configuration: Supports importing and exporting Gerber custom configurations, which is convenient for configuration reuse. Configuration information is stored in personal preferences for cloud synchronization.