Due to the difference in design, EasyEDA Pro does not support the independent network label primitives of the standard version. The network label of the professional version is virtual, and a name attribute is set to the wire after Place. Therefore, the interaction after Place is quite different from the standard version.

In terms of interaction, since v1.7, EasyEDA Pro supports two modes:

  1. Similar to the standard version or Altium’s network label, after the network label leaves the wire after moving, the wire network name is automatically cleared
  2. Similar to the network labels of PADS and Orcad in the previous professional version, after the network label is moved away from the wire, the network name of the wire remains unchanged, and only the position of the network name is modified.

You can set it according to your usage habits.

Setting entry: Top Menu - Settings - Schematic - Common - Drag Net Name

图 2

Entry: Top Menu - Place - Net Label

图 3


When placing, you can press the TAB key to set the name of the network label and the increasing order rule.

图 4

After being placed, it becomes the name attribute of the wire, which is the same as setting the name directly in the wire’s attribute panel.

Supports direct Place on the pin of the symbol, a wire will be automatically generated, and the wire will be given a name.

Figure 1