net ports serve two purposes:

  1. Interconnection of the network in the picture page
  2. Reuse the connection of block/hierarchy diagram

It is recommended to reduce the use of the first use, net ports are often used for hierarchical graph connections.

Entrance: Top Menu - Place - Net Port.

图 15

图 16

Network Connection: The net port is used as a network label.

Hierarchical graph connection: When drawing a multiplexed block, the pins of the multiplexed block symbol will be connected to the ports on the map page as a connection relationship. When a port is generated from the multiplexed tile symbol, or the multiplexed tile symbol pin is updated based on the port, it is updated synchronously. For details, see the “Multiplexing Blocks” chapter.

Because the net port is mainly used for the connection relationship in the hierarchy diagram, the name of the port and the name of the connected wire may not be consistent. As shown in the figure:


When changing the name of a net port, or when placing a port on a wire for the first time, if the wire does not have a name set, the wire is automatically given the same name.