Before starting the PCB design, you first need to create a frame for the board. The board frame can be created by direct drawing and by importing DXF.


  • Only one plate frame can be placed in a plate frame, more than one plate frame will be turned into a grooved area

draw directly

  • Top Menu Place - Board Frame
  • The top toolbar board frame enters the drawing mode, providing three ways to draw rectangle, circle and polygon


The drawing methods of the board frame, copper area, filling area, slotting area and forbidden area are exactly the same.

place board frame

Import DXF

You can switch to a board frame through any type of contour object. If the line is not closed, it will prompt to automatically close the contour. This function is mostly used to convert the imported lines to the desired type (plate frame, cutout area, forbidden area, etc.) after importing DXF.

  • Click on the top menu File - Import - DXF Select the DXF file you want to import


  1. After selecting the file, the import DXF pop-up window will pop up to display the preview


  • DXF unit: The system will display it according to the unit that automatically reads DXF. If it is not read, the default is mm.
  • Scale: The default is 1, you can adjust it according to your needs
  • Width and Height: The system automatically calculates the width and height of the imported graphics according to the zoom ratio you choose
  • Reference point: The reference point for default Place is the origin of the DXF file. If the origin of the DXF file is far away from the graphic, it is recommended to switch the reference point to the center of the graphic
  • Import configuration: Check the required DXF layer and the layer imported into eda according to your needs. The imported primitive types are all lines, and you need to manually switch the type to plate frame or groove area after Place
  1. Click the Import button, it will enter the to-be-placed mode according to the reference point you selected, left-click on the canvas to complete the Place of the graphics

  2. The imported graphics are all line types, which need to be manually adjusted to plate frame or groove area.

Completing the polygon board frame with command assistance**

  • x: absolute coordinate command
  • ix: relative coordinate command
  • ix: X-direction relative coordinate command
  • iy: relative coordinate command in Y direction


  • The plate frame and grooving area must be closed. If the line you select is not closed, you need to select multiple lines and merge them into a whole through the right-click menu Merge as closed object, and then convert the plate frame

  • The non-closed lines of the board frame layer will also be exported as the board frame layer, which does not affect you to draw the board frame with lines.

add rounded corners

The method of drawing a rounded rectangle border in the professional version is different from that in the standard version. It is split into another function. The specific operation steps are as follows:

  • Select the board frame, the board frame needs to be a complete closed loop to generate rounded corners - right mouse button - add rounded corners

  • Enter the width of the rounded corners in the pop-up window - click OK to generate rounded corners for the board frame




Add rounded corners to unclosed lines:

Add Chamfer

The operation steps are the same as adding rounded corners, and will not be explained here.