Autorouting files are intended for use by third-party autorouting tools.

If the built-in auto-router cannot meet the needs of auto-routing, Jiali Chuang EDA supports exporting the auto-routing file dsn and importing the auto-routing session file ses. You can use the third-party auto-routing tool for wiring by exporting the auto-routing file, and then import the ses file. That’s it.


1.Open the PCB to export the automatic routing file dsn, it is recommended to remove the unnecessary vias and wires first.

Via: Top Menu - Export - Autoroute (DSN), or Top Menu - File - Export - Autoroute (DSN)

图 211

2.Open the third-party auto-routing tool and open the auto-routing file DSN

Third-party auto-routing tools include: Freerouting, ELECTRA, TopoR, etc.

Freerouting download address:

Take Freerouting as an example:

1) Open Freerouting, open the automatic routing file SES

Figure 2

2) Set the automatic routing rules, if you do not need to set, you can directly point the routing

Figure 3

3) After completion, export the automatic routing session file ses, which will be saved in the same directory as dsn

Figure 4

3.Import the auto-routing session file into the PCB and complete the import

Entry: Top Menu - File - Import - Autorouting (SES).

图 212

The editor will automatically generate wires and vias to complete automatic routing.