EasyEDA Pro supports exporting SMT coordinate information to facilitate SMT Place in factories. Coordinate files can only be exported in PCB.

Export method:

  • Top Menu - File - Export - Pick and Place File

图 228


图 229

  • Filename: supports custom exported filename
  • Export file type: support XLSX and CSV two types of files
  • Coordinates: Support three types of coordinate files: footprint center, footprint origin, and No. 1 pad, which correspond to the headers Mid X/Y, Ref X/Y and Pad X/Y respectively
  • Export pins: When checked, the exported coordinate file contains the pins column, which means the number of footprint pads of the component
  • Mirror the coordinates of the underlying components: Some patch manufacturers need the coordinates of the underlying components after mirroring, you can check this option, generally do not need to check. Proofing in JLCPCB does not need to be checked

The exported coordinate file is as follows, the unit of the file will follow the unit of the PCB canvas at the time of export:

图 1

Table description:

  • Designator: The component’s designator
  • Comment: The name of the device, usually the manufacturer’s number of the component.
  • Footprint: The component’s footprint.
  • Mid X, Mid Y: The center coordinate of the footprint.
  • Ref X, Ref Y: The origin of the footprint.
  • Pad X, Pad Y: The first pad coordinates of the footprint.
  • Layer: The footprint layer.
  • Rotation: The Rotation angle of the footprint.
  • SMD: The footprint is SMD or not.