At present, EasyEDA only supports importing and importing from the standard version of the project, and does not support the professional version to export the standard version format.

Download file to import

  1. Download the standard version of the project
    You can right-click in the project list of the standard version editor, and download the project. The workspace page will be opened, and a compressed footprint will be automatically downloaded.

图 41

or after opened the document, export the EasyEDA file format, export schematic and PCB, and then compress as a zip file.

图 42

  1. If you download the project, you need to unzip the zip file to get the inner project zip file, and import it.

图 43

  1. You can also import the EasyEDA format json file not the zip file

Note: If there is a PCB, please be sure to compress the schematic and PCB together and import. Otherwise, importing the schematic separately requires all components to be re-bound and footprintd.

Migration to import

Directly on the Professional Edition start page, use the migration function to import.

  1. Open the Standard Edition editor in the browser and log in. If you do not log in, you will not be able to get the standard version of the data.

  2. Open the professional version editor in the browser, on the start page, click “Migrate Standard Edition”

图 44

  1. Select the project or library to be migrated and import it.

图 45

If it is necessary to import symbols and device libraries at the same time, when using migration, only select symbols for migration, and the corresponding device library, symbol library, and import symbol binding footprint will be automatically created according to the symbol library, and automatically associated with the device.

图 46

图 47

If only the footprint library is imported, the device library will not be automatically created, only the footprint library will be imported separately.

common problem

  1. Because the fonts used are different, the text fonts of the PCB may be slightly different after the standard version is imported, and the position will also be slightly offset.

  2. Because of the difference in the copper laying logic, the copper laying filling of the PCB will also be slightly different.

  3. Please check carefully for other possible differences. If you find that the difference is relatively large, please contact us to see if it can be optimized or repaired.