Select all the devices in the PCB editor, and batch modification can be performed after selection.


  • Top Menu - Edit - Select Object - All

  • Use shortcut keys Ctrl + A

图 196

Toggle selection

  • Top Menu - Edit - Select objects - Toggle selection

图 197

Continuous selection is similar to Ctrl+mouse-click continuous selection.

outside the rectangle

  • Top Menu - Edit - Select Object - Outside Rectangle

图 198

All elements outside the rectangle will be selected, and elements inside the rectangle will be unselected.

inside the polygon

  • Top Menu - Edit - Select Object - Inside Polygon

图 199

outside the polygon

  • Elements within the drawn polygon are not selected, and all elements outside the polygon are selected

图 200

touches the line

  • Elements that touch the line will be selected, elements that are not touched will not be selected

图 201