When the side grooves need to be drawn, the side reference lines are needed to locate, plus the side groove area.

Entrance: Top Menu - Place - 3D Shell - Side Slot Region

图 68

Side reference lines are only allowed to be set on the 3D shell border layer.

How ​​to use:

  1. On the side of the shell that needs to be grooved, determine the frame line segment corresponding to the side when determining the top view of the board.

  2. Place the side reference line parallel to the corresponding border line segment, do not overlap with the border line segment, and need to be placed outside.
    图 67

  3. Then place the side grooving area on the outside. The distance of the side pocket area from the baseline is the height of the pocket from the bottom. As shown below: The height of B is equal to the distance of A.

Side Solt Region Property:

图 69

Top and bottom pockets and side pockets are switchable.

Baseline: Determine the direction and face of the groove according to the corresponding base line. Click to select a new baseline.

Slot depth: How deep the groove needs to be dug is determined according to your own design needs. Take the position where the side pocket area is placed as the starting position, and the distance to the shell frame is the pocket depth. As shown in the figure below: A and B are the same distance.