Measure length, radius of circle, and angle. Different from the function of measuring distance, dimension Place is to mark the length and width of the PCB board.

Place Dimension method:

Top Menu - Place - Dimension

图 65

length Dimension

  • Top Menu - Place - Dimension - Length

图 66

Click the placed dimension to modify the information in the right view.
图 67

  • Dimension Type: Default length Dimension, cannot be modified
  • Layer: Modify the dimensioned layer
  • Unit: Four units of mm, cm, inch, mil can be modified
  • Length: Modify the Place length of the dimension
  • Width: Modify the width of the dimension
  • Text Height: Modify the font heigth of the dimension
  • Dimensional Accuracy: The precision of the dimension can be modified, up to 4 digits

Angle Dimension

  • Top Menu - Place - Dimensions - Angle.

图 68

Radius Dimension

  • Top Menu - Place - Dimension - Radius,

to measure the radius Dimension of the circle or arc.
图 69