The Datasheet Extract wizard is used to quickly create symbols for IC type chips. Users only need to paste the screenshot of the Datasheet, and the system can identify the pin information of the symbol according to the picture, which is convenient for quickly creating symbols.

Entrance: Top Menu - Tools - Datasheet Extract Wizard. Note that this function needs to be connected to the Internet, and it may not work properly in the full offline mode of the client.

picture 1

  1. Open the Datasheet Extract Wizard.
    picture 2
    Picture type: This refers to the pin diagram type of the chip in the Datasheet, including SOP, QFN, and table types.
    Preview: Paste the screenshot in the preview area, or double-click to open the local image or drag the image to the preview area to load the preview. After loading or pasting the picture, OCR will be automatically performed to identify the pin information in the picture.
    Pin information: The server lists the identified pin information in this table, and supports manual modification of the name and order.

  2. Open the Datasheet and take a screenshot of the chip pin area. Or save the screenshot locally. Be careful not to intercept non-essential text.
    picture 3

  1. Go back to the Datasheet Extract Wizard dialog box, left-click the preview area, press CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste the picture, or double-click the preview area to open the local picture
    picture 4
  1. Check and modify the identified list in the pin information list, and click Next after checking.
    picture 5
  1. The next step will open the advanced symbol wizard, where you can continue to edit more pin information
    picture 6
  1. After clicking OK, the canvas generates the recognized component symbols.
    picture 7