Drilling table

When the PCB design scale is relatively large, and the factory manufacturing process requires, the PCB usually needs to output the drilling table to verify the drilling type and position during PCB manufacturing.

EasyEDA Pro supports placing drill tables.


  • Top Menu - Place - Drill Table.

图 70

Click to set the parameters of the drilling table, and then click the position to generate the drilling table data. After Place, it is placed on the drilling layer by default.

图 71

图 72

The drilling table will be counted according to the type of drilling that appears in the current PCB: metallized hole PTH and non-metallized hole NPTH, and the size of the drilling hole, and will be identified with different identification symbols. When exporting PDF or Gerber, the drilling map Layers can be exported along with them, and corresponding identification symbols will be displayed at the corresponding drilling positions.