The element that needs to be selected on the right panel filter on the PCB interface

After canceling one of the elements, the corresponding element will not be picked up by the mouse in the canvas, but can be selected in batches through shortcut keys.

图 0

You can also quickly switch the built -in filtration type, and you can save your own filtration preference

图 1

The filtering function in the right -click menu is the same as the configuration of the filter directly in the filter panel, which can quickly switch the filtering configuration

图 2

It also supports filtering according to the lock state.

图 3

Other types of filtering:

  • Pad Pair: After checking, click a pad or wire of the picture cloth to select the two pads connected to the wire.
  • Net: After checking, click a network of dollars with a network, all the maps of this network will be selected. After checking, you can also click an empty network.
  • TearDrop: tears can be selected in the mouse
  • Group: After checking, you can select the entire combination for easy movement and pick up the combination.

Show hide

Click to modify the display and hiding of the corresponding elements in batches. Click the eye icon in front of the object name to achieve batch hidden objects.

图 4

Note: The hidden display of the layer shows that the hidden display of element screening will not enter the historical record of revocation.