EasyEDA Professional Edition does not support direct import of PCB Artist format files. But you can use other EDA tools to convert it once and then import it.


  1. Download and install Pulsonix and open it.

  2. On the top menu - File - Data Transfer.
    picture 8
    Select the design file to import:
    picture 10
    Select the PCB Artist file:
    picture 16
    Set the directory where the file needs to be imported, and the directory where the output file is located, and then convert:
    picture 12

  3. After importing, in the top file menu - file - save as, select PADS format to save.
    picture 14

  4. Select the PADS file type in Jiali Chuang EDA to import it.


1. Because the function and design of the graphic elements are different, it is impossible to ensure that they are completely consistent before and after importing. Please check carefully.