The pin manager is to display all the pins you place in the symbol editor in the pin editor, including the sub-symbol library, and you can quickly modify the pins.

Select the pin in the left view of the symbol editor interface

  • Number: Pin number.

  • Name: The name of the pin.

  • Type: Pin input, output, bidirectional type selection.

  • Orientation: The orientation of the pin is selected.

  • Active low: Select whether the pin is active low or not.

  • Parts: Displays the name of the current symbol and which page of which sub-library the symbol is in.


Fill in the pin name

After filling in the pin name, you do not need to click OK, the system will automatically fill in the pin in the figure page according to the name you filled in.


Add Pin

The pin editor can also quickly place pins, just click the blank form below in the pin editor to quickly place pins