Under the PCB and PCB library canvas, EasyEDA Pro supports adding images. You can easily insert logo patterns such as silkscreen logos.

Entry: Top Menu - Place - Image

图 76

or Top Menu - Import - Image

Click the insert picture function, a window will open, you can add the picture you need, the supported picture formats are: SVGZ, SVG, PNG, PIP, JPG, PJPEG, JPEG, JFIF format.

图 77

  • Tolerance: The larger the value, the larger the image loss
  • Simplified: the larger the value, the more rounded the edges of the image will be
  • Smooth: The larger the value, the smoother the imported image, and it is more obvious to turn on the quality priority
  • Inverted: After selecting, the originally highlighted area will be excavated
  • Picture size: Set the size you want to insert, modifying the single value will scale proportionally
  • Unit: The system only supports two units, mm and mil

The picture will be placed in the currently edited layer, click the inserted picture, and modify the layer, width, height and mirror image in the right panel.

图 78