After selecting a part, you can view or modify its property parameters in the property panel on the right.

Component Properties: You can modify the names and numbers of components, and set whether they are visible or not. Device information can also be modified. Please do not set the number in Chinese, the footprint number in the PCB does not support Chinese.

Here you can modify the component’s supplier, supplier number, manufacturer, manufacturer number, footprint, etc.

You can also batch-select and then modify the properties in batches in the properties panel on the right.


The property name and property value can be checked and displayed in the canvas.

Add custom properties: When you select a component or other primitives, you can add parameters to it,


If you don’t need components to be in BOM or converted to PCB, you can set “Add to BOM” and “Convert to PCB” to No in the properties. When Convert to PCB is set to No, the device symbol will not be displayed in the Footprint Manager.


When selecting the overall circuit, you can individually select the object property values ​​to be modified in the right panel - Properties.