EasyEDA has a friendly UI, you can find the feature entry

图 3

Top Menu

The start page provides the common top menu

图 9

at the right-top corner, you can change the editor language and workspace, and goto user center or workspace

图 10

Project List

The left panel of EasyEDA Pro displays all the projects of the current user, including the joined team projects. Double-click to open the project.

图 11

And you can right-click the project to get right-click menu

Quick Start

On the left side of the middle of the editor is a list of quick creation methods, which can quickly create projects, symbol devices and other operations on the home page.

图 12


On the right side of the middle are some commonly used website shortcuts, you can manually add your own frequently used websites.

图 13

Click the “+” sign to add a website

Enter the name, URL and change icon in the popup. The size of the icon is recommended to be 48x48px. If the icon is too large, an error will be displayed.

图 15

Recent Design

The bottom panel is to display recently designed projects, as well as symbols, footprints, reuse blocks. Double-click to open the corresponding project.

图 16


The lower right of the editor’s homepage shows some information published by our EasyEDA Pro.

图 17

The icon on the upper right side is the link of our professional version tutorial, click yes to jump to our EasyEDA Pro tutorial.