The array function of the device array and the footprint library is similar, but some more functions are added on the basis of the footprint library.


  • Select object - Top Menu - Edit - Array Object

图 176

The property panel of the popup array, the default is the rectangle property panel.

图 177

Rectangular array settings

Select Rectangle, the starting point of the array defaults to the selected device location.

  • Type: choose the shape of the array
  • Position: The position of the rectangular array is the position of the selected device by default, while the circular array needs to be selected by yourself.

  • Distribution Type: Only the array sorting setting of horizontal first then vertical or vertical first horizontal can be selected.

  • Number of rows per row: The number of rows in this array.

  • Number of columns per column: Set the number of columns to write to the array.

  • Column Distance: Set the distance between column arrays.

  • Line Spacing: Set the distance of the array lines.

  • Element rotation angle: Set the angle of the array after Place.

For the distribution type, we can choose horizontal first and then vertical or hammer first and then horizontal, and follow up on personal needs.

图 179

Properties of circular array

Set the pattern type to circle

Properties panel for circular arrays

图 178

  • Position: Set the center point of the circular array.
  • Direction: You can set the direction of the array to be counterclockwise or clockwise.

  • Starting rotation angle: After selecting the position, the system will default to the starting angle.

  • Start rotation angle: Set the rotation angle of the starting array object.

  • Number: Set the number of array objects.

  • Spacing Angle: Set the spacing of each array object.

  • Radius: Default and selected radius, cannot be changed.

  • Select object to fit circle: Select whether the device is suitable for use in a circular array.

Select the center position of the circular array, which can be selected with the mouse or entered manually.

图 180