PCB can also be re -assigned by the bit number through the distribution number of the bit number. The position number can be reset through automation, which can greatly save the time of manual distribution.


Top Menu - Design - Annotate Designator

图 0

Annotate Designator Dialog

图 1


  • All components:Annotate designator to all components in the canvas

  • Top Layer Component:Annotate designator to all the top layer components in the canvas

  • Bottom Layer Components:Annotate designator to all the bottom layer components in the canvas

  • Selected components: allocate the distribution number of the element currently selected by the canvas


  • Annotate but Keep Existing Designators: For the reservation of the bit number that already has suffix, only the bit number with the bit number is empty.

  • Re-annotate All Designators: All bit numbers are redistributed

  • Clear Designator: All bit numbers are reset to the suffix as “?”


The distribution number number is performed in different order

图 2

Designator Rule

You can choose to start allocating bit numbers from which numbers, and order by incrementing according to this number. If a bit number has been allocated, the next bit number is allocated.

Tips:After the PCB is assigned the bit number, the schematic and PCB mesh will have a difference. At this time, the new bit number can be passed to the principle diagram through the PCB to the original diagram function.

图 3