1. Because the format design and graphics elements are different, the exported Altium Designer files cannot be guaranteed to be completely consistent (especially the text size and position). Please be sure to check carefully after opening Altium Designer, and do not place an order without checking. EasyEDA is not responsible for any problems or losses caused by differences in the export.

  2. If you check the exported file and the original design is very different, please contact us, we will try our best to correct it.

export project

EasyEDA supports exporting Altium Designer files in ASCII 5.0 format.

Entry: Top Menu - File - Export - Altium Designer. Or: Top Menu - Export - Altium Designer

图 26

The file format of Altium Designer will be exported based on all documents of the current project and footprintd in a compressed footprint.

Known issues:

  1. The image of the schematic diagram does not support export.

  2. The image of PCB does not support export.

  3. The rules of PCB do not support exporting.

  4. The copper filling of the PCB does not support export. After exporting, you need to manually rebuild all the copper in Altium Designer.

  5. The export of the inner electrical layer area of ​​the PCB cannot be completely consistent, and it needs to be manually adjusted and reconstructed.

  6. Some layers of the PCB cannot accurately find the corresponding layer of Altium, and will be exported in more mechanical layers.

Export library file

EasyEDA Pro support direct export to Altium Designer format from symbol library and footprint library. Or you can export by exporting the project.

Method 1:

  1. Edit the symbol or footprint graphic

  2. Export as Altium file via: Top Menu - File - Export - Altium Designer

图 27

Method 2:

  1. Create a new project

  2. Find the corresponding device according to the library name or product number you want to export, and place it on the schematic or PCB. Shortcut SHIFT + F, or bottom bank, shortcut S.

图 28

图 29

  1. After placing the device on the schematic and PCB, save it. Export menu at the top - export Altium Designer.
  1. Export the Alitum Designer zip footprint will contain the schematic and PCB, and open it in Altium Designer after decompression.

  2. After Altium Designer opens the schematic diagram or PCB, go to: Top Menu - Design - Extract Library File to complete the library extraction.