EasyEDA Pro supports importing into Altium Designer.

Several versions of Altium Designer have been supported, supporting plaintext ASCII format. At present, there is a problem with importing binary format, which is not supported for the time being.


  1. Because the fonts used are different, the text fonts of the imported PCB may be slightly different, and the position will also be slightly offset.
  2. Because of the difference in the copper laying logic, the copper laying filling of the PCB will also be slightly different.

Import Altium project file

  1. Open the schematic and PCB in Altium Designer, save as the files in “File - Save As”, select “Advanced Schematic ascii(*.SchDoc)” or “PCB ASCII File(*.PcbDoc)”

  2. Pack the exported schematic and PCB files into a compressed ZIP format

  3. On the Professional Edition start page - Import Altium to import.

图 34

图 35

When importing, you can choose to import the file or extract the library and others options.

图 36

Import Altium library files

If it is not batch extraction, you can follow the previous operation, put the symbols and footprint libraries after the schematic diagram and PCB, export the ASCII format, and then footprint and import the extraction library.

  1. Batch import Altium library You can download an Altium script shared by user CZJ.

  2. According to the script tutorial, extract the currently installed library files to the schematic diagram or PCB, and they will be automatically placed on the canvas one by one.

  3. Compress the generated schematic and PCB files into a zip archive and import them, and extract the library.

  4. When extracting the library, select “Create Device, Symbol and footprint” to import the library file, which will be automatically associated with the device. After importing, find it at “Bottom Panel (Shortcut S) - Component Library - Device - Personal”.

图 37