Jialichuang EDA supports the placement of free pads, which is convenient for making simple metallized positioning holes. Shortcut key P

图 110

Non-metallized pilot holes can be achieved by placing circular pocket areas.

You can modify the layer and shape of the pad by setting the properties of the pad, and you can also modify the shape of each layer, etc.

图 111

The right-click of the free pad and the pad of the package supports a variety of functions, which is convenient to use.

图 112

In the property panel, you can quickly assign nets to pads by picking primitives with the mouse.

图 113

When pasting or placing pads directly onto primitives on a network,Is automatically assigned to the network

Pad shape

Pad shapes support circle, rectangle, oval, and polygon. Polygons need to be generated by drawing shaped pads.

When using rectangular pads, it is supported to set the corner radius to realize rounded rectangular pads. Set the corner radius ratio with the short edge as the 100% base.
图 114

When different pad shapes are on different layers, different properties can be set, such as slotted hole pads for multi-layer pads.

图 115


You can directly adjust the Thermals of this pad. When selected as universal, this pad follows the rules to generate Thermals. When selected as custom, you can directly change the connection mode of the pad here to divergent, direct or no connection

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