The logical order of creating a device in LiChuang EDA is: device = symbol + footprint + 3D model

New Device Steps

  • Top Menu - New - Device or Library - Symbols - Right Mouse Button - Link to New Device


Click Create to pop up the device properties pop-up window, fill in the name of the device and the team or individual to which the device belongs.

  • Attribution : The device is owned by the user or team.
  • Name: The name of the device.
  • Symbol: Click to bind the device.
  • footprint: Click to bind the footprint to the device.
  • 3D Model: Click to select the model bound to the device.
  • Picture: Click to bind a real picture to the device.
  • Classification: Click to classify the currently bound device.
  • Description: A description of the device.


Add Symbols

Click the symbol’s checkbox or the preview area below to add a symbol library to the device.


After clicking, a pop-up window will pop up, find the symbol of the device that needs to be bound, and click OK to complete the binding of the symbol.



Add footprint

Click the footprint check box or the footprint preview area.


After clicking, a pop-up window will pop up, where you can find the footprint library created by the user and the footprint library that comes with the system, find the corresponding footprint, and click Update to add it to the device library.



Add 3D Model

Click the 3D model check box or the 3D preview area, find the corresponding 3D model, adjust the position of the model and click Update to complete the addition of the 3D model.




Add Pictures

Click the image’s checkbox or the image preview area.


After the pop-up window pops up, click “+” to select the picture to be added. Only files in picture format are supported, and picture links are not supported.


After selecting the picture, you can view the preview of the picture in the pop-up window, click upload, and click OK after uploading, and the picture can be added to the device.


The preview in the property pop-up window after the addition is complete.


Add Category

The device is classified and set to facilitate management and maintenance.

Click the checkbox for the category


Select the corresponding attribute and click OK to add it to the corresponding category.


Add Properties

Add the properties of the device, select the properties to be added, and then add the device.


After adding symbols, footprints and corresponding properties, click OK to complete the creation of the device.


The created device can be viewed in the device library list in the bottom panel.