Left Panel - Object

  • The Object tab on the left panel can view all the objects in the current panel file, and click to select them.
    图 0


Ctrl, Shift multiple selection

  • Support multiple selection of Ctrl and Shift in the left object tree.
    图 1

Click, Double Click

  • Click on the left to select an object, the object is highlighted on the canvas, and the canvas is moved to center the object on the canvas.
    (Canvas will not be automatically scaled, only positioned and moved)
    图 5

  • Double-clicking on an object on the left will automatically zoom the canvas (to make the object appear the right size), and move the canvas to center the object on the canvas.
    图 6

Arrow keys change the suspension term

  • Support up, down, left, right arrow keys in the left object tree to change the suspended item, and press Enter to change the selected item.
    The suspended highlight item in the left object tree corresponds to the element suspended highlight on the canvas.

图 8

图 7


Object ID Name

  • The composition of the object ID name in the left object tree: primitive attribute type name + sequence number: primitive name

图 9

Type Icon

  • The element ID name is usually black before displaying the corresponding type of icon

图 10

  • When the arc/shape/combination type icon is displayed in red, it means that the current canvas is under the corresponding arc/shape/combination mask.

图 13

图 11

图 12

Hide and lock

  • Click the eye icon to set the hidden properties of the primitive, and click the lock icon to set the lock properties of the primitive.
    图 2
    The red closed-eye icon represents that the corresponding element is currently hidden and invisible on the canvas, and the black eye icon represents the visible state displayed on the canvas.
    The red lock icon represents the locked state of the corresponding element on the current canvas, and the black unlock icon represents the unlocked state.

Search and filter

  • Finding and filtering are supported. Switching between results is supported.
    图 3

Right-click menu

The right-click menu in the object list can facilitate level switching operations.
Note: It is to switch the 4-level order of objects within the same layer.

图 4

You can also right-click to delete elements and right-click to refresh the left object tree list.