EasyEDA Professional Edition supports importing OrCad schematic files and Orcad schematic library files. You need to export the schematic to EDIF format in Orcad and the schematic library file to XML format before you can import it in EasyEDA Professional Edition.


  1. Open Orcad and open the schematic dsn file

  2. In the top menu - File - Export - EDIF or Library XML, get the schematic EDF suffix file or schematic library file XML. If you are exporting XML, you need to manually select the OLB file and output directory to export.

  3. On the EasyEDA start page, select Import Other

! [picture 1] (../../../_images/import-orcad_20230309_200918.png)

Select Orcad from the File Type drop-down list, select the file and import it, you can choose to import the file or extract the library according to your needs.

! [picture 2] (../../../_images/import-orcad_20230309_200926.png)

Batch conversion

If you have a large number of Orcad schematics or schematic libraries, you can use the plugin below to perform batch conversion, which will scan the conversion according to the folder and subfolder you selected.

Download the conversion script: [] (

  1. Install the script after extraction. Install the script according to the Readme .txt inside.

  2. Batch convert schematic DSN, OPJ files or schematic library OLB files according to the tutorial.

  3. After the conversion is completed, find the file in the output directory, and then import it in EasyEDA.


  1. Because the Orcad schematic does not contain PCB, after importing the EasyEDA, the package properties of the components will be empty and the package needs to be rebound. This is due to the difference in package binding design and Orcad, and EasyEDA needs to be associated with binding, and cannot be associated by entering the package name.